4 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Do you run your kitchen or do you run away from your kitchen? If you find yourself doing the latter, it could be time to renovate. A kitchen remodeling project is time-consuming and therefore renders your cooking domain useless for a while. Nutter Custom Construction suggests you ponder the four warning signs below to decide if the time is right to begin a kitchen renovation.

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But I Just Cleaned…

Is your kitchen extremely difficult to keep clean? If your kitchen starts looking neglected and shabby not long after you finish cleaning, you might feel like throwing in the towel of defeat. Perhaps you have a light-color floor that shows every speck of debris that lands on it. Foot-traffic makes keeping the floor clean seem like an impossibility. If your unappealing kitchen negates the joy of spending time there for food preparation and socializing, it could be time for  remodeling. 

Danger Zone…

A poorly designed layout can be inconvenient ergonomically; however, the setup of your kitchen can cause it to be a danger zone especially when children are in the home. If your floor plan is awkward in terms of cooking and cleaning or it presents hazards to occupants, these are signals that a renovation should be on the menu.

Power Trip…

If your electric bill is on the rise and you can’t figure out why, turn to your appliances and consider replacing them if they are on the older-side. Electric appliances of yesteryear consume more energy than updated ones. Purchasing new appliances that are energy efficient lower electric bills and also give your home a refreshed look. 

Four Score and Seven Meals Ago…

The kitchen serves as a multifunctional space. From meal preparation, to savoring some quiet time with a cup of coffee, to enjoying dinners with family and friends, your kitchen should be welcoming and soothing. If you find yourself avoiding this room because you feel uncomfortable whenever you’re in it, strongly ponder a renovation that will ultimately create the kitchen you desire and adore. 

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