5 Expensive Home Repairs and How to Prevent Them

Owning a home is a significant investment. It’s also incredibly exciting. If you’re remodeling an older home, there are a few things you should always be on the lookout for. Here are five expensive home repairs and how to prevent them:

The foundation is the base of your home, which is why it’s also one of the most expensive parts of your home to repair. To avoid foundation damage, keep water and moisture away from the walls of your foundation. To do this, clean your gutters frequently. You should also keep any pipes that flow water away from your house.

Up next is the roof. Roof repairs are costly, especially because roof damage can lead to other problems. You should have your roof professionally inspected every five years to avoid any major problems. With this frequency, you can catch any problems before they get worse. Also, if you notice a leak, see a missing shingle, or identify a weak spot on your own, inform a professional right away to have the problem fixed. If you let these problems go, they can lead to more expensive repairs down the road.

The HVAC system, or the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, provides you with comfort year-round. If something goes wrong with your HVAC system, repairs can be costly. To avoid major problems, have your HVAC system inspected every six months to catch any potential issues before they happen.

Water damage can be caused by a variety of problems. It’s also one of the most costly repairs to make. Anything from a simple leak to a large flood can cause expensive damages. If you notice any leaks, musty smells, or discoloration, inspect the situation immediately. If you fix leaks as soon as they happen, you can avoid water damage.

While termites are not a common problem, they are an expensive one. Look for swarms of flying bugs or hollowed out wood. If you see either of these signs of termites, contact a professional right away. To avoid ever having termites, keep piled-up wood away from the outside of your home. You can also use termite monitors and have a termite inspection performed once a year.

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