7 Questions To Ask A New Home Builder

Since building a new home is a complex and intricate endeavor, you want to learn how to ask the best questions. It’s better to be a little too inquisitive than to become blind-sided by some unforeseen problem later down the road.

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Nutter Custom Construction offers seven general questions you should ask your building crew before getting started with a new project.

1. What do I get out of my building budget?

Failing to know your project’s cost details is the most common recipe for disappointment and frustration. Make sure you settle on a detailed budget and item checklist down to the finest detail, including minor aspects such as shelving and kitchen hardware. Leave no stone unturned.

2. How long will the project take to complete?

It’s impossible to peg a completion date perfectly. Lots of disturbances like weather delays, holidays, permit approvals, and inspections can slow the process. With that in mind, make sure you have a general agreement on the building pace with your construction crew. Get at least a tentative completion date.

3. Is it worthwhile to supply the building materials?

Yes, builders enjoy an easier time when they don’t have to gather the supplies, and they’ll often return the favor with no-cost upgrades somewhere along the line. Don’t be afraid to negotiate this with them.

4. Can you landscape my property?

You’ll want to know whether landscaping (trees, plants, shrubs, grass, etc.) will be a part of the construction. Often, this is a separate affair, but you want to be clear about that in advance.

5. Will there be “escalation costs”?

Escalation costs should be carefully understood in the escalation clause of your builder agreement or contract. An example of this occurs whenever the cost of materials rises during the building phase, leading the construction company to pass it onto the owner.

6. Will I be part of a Home Owners Association (HOA)?

HOAs come with many pros and cons, but it’s important to be aware that their rules and regulations may have an impact on the way you build your home. This is especially true of the way you construct any exterior accouterments.

7. Is there a warranty?

What happens if you discover that your new home unexpectedly requires maintenance or repairs within the first year or two? That’s where it would help to have warranty options to cover the bills. Ask your building crew about warranties before you strike the ground with anything.

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We hope you found these ideas helpful. This only scratches the surface, so don’t forget to research the process thoroughly. Our website is full of other helpful resources and suggestions for building custom homes.

Nutter Custom Construction always insists on providing as much education for our clients as possible. We exemplify customer service with this approach. If you want to learn more about our custom construction services or have other home-building and remodeling questions, feel free to call us at (941) 924-1868 or send us a custom home inquiry through our online form.

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