A Few Tips for Caring for Your New Custom Home

A custom home is a significant investment. Like any investment, you want to care for it to maintain its value and lengthen its lifespan. Continue on for tips for caring for your new custom home.

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First, keep an eye on your plumbing. Plumbing problems may not happen often, but you want to catch any potential problems before they worsen. If your custom home is on a septic system, be sure this system is flushed regularly. You want to have this done about once every two to three years. If you have a sump pump, test it every couple months to be sure it’s working as it should. Then, every few months, check on your pipes to make sure they aren’t leaking or showing signs of condensation. Don’t forget to check for toilet leaks and erosion too.

An easy way to take care of your custom home is changing the batteries in your detectors throughout the house. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can save lives. Check your detectors every two to three months and replace the batteries as needed.

Gutters can collect leaves, dirt, and debris throughout the year. If you don’t clean your gutters, they can become clogged. Clogged gutters cause water to collect around the base of your home, which can lead to structural damage that is unsafe and costly to repair.

Caulking is another task you can do on your own. Re-applying caulk to the edges of your shower and bathtub can prevent long-term plumbing damage. Caulking your doors and windows can also improve energy efficiency and climate control.

Finally, don’t forget to clean! Keeping your home clean can extend the lifespan of your space. Clean floors, walls, ceilings, and trimmings last longer and look great.

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