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Does your home need a custom facelift or are you in the market to have your future home custom-built? Nutter Custom Construction is your one-stop shop for a beautiful new home. We work hard to create the space of your dreams, complete with an abundance of natural light to help set the ambiance in your home. Let’s take look at how natural light can be incorporated into the details of your custom-built home.

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This light feature is a perfect option that allows an abundance of sunshine to filter into your home. The tubular skylight is in the roof, bringing in extra direct sunlight. Skylights bring in more than just light, too – they also increase your home’s value.

Window Placement

This design element is often forgotten, however, a window placed in the right location in your home can help boost the natural light it receives. The placement isn’t the only important element, of course, as the size of the window is equally as crucial.

Clerstrory Windows

The placement of these windows is above eye level. Not only does this free up space on your walls, but it also brings in natural light that isn’t as harsh as the lighting provided by traditional windows. Fresh air is an added bonus. And thanks to the window’s design, clerestory windows are ideal for bringing in sunlight without obstructing your view with harsh rays of bright light.

Whichever design you choose to include in your custom-built home, our team is here to assist. Each design is created with our customers in mind. Do you have questions concerning your next project? The professionals at Nutter Custom Construction are here and ready to get to work. Come visit us at 3534 S. Osprey Avenue in Sarasota or call us at 941-924-1868 to get started.

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