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Nutter Custom Construction will always work to bring our clients’ inspiration into the reality of a beautiful home. We have over 30 years of combined high-end residential construction expertise in the Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch areas. We build each home using proven methods to ensure the successful completion of your home per the contract terms.

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When you sign a contract with Nutter Custom Construction, your home price includes both costs for our overhead and also a percentage fee to provide us a profit on the project. Overhead costs are everything not related directly to the construction of the home including office expenses, licenses, tools, equipment costs, subcontractor costs, transportation, insurance premiums, warranty expenses, and much more. Every home we build contains overhead expenses to help offset the cost of being in business.

Residential builders and contractors typically use one of two types of contracts; fixed price or time plus materials. Fixed price contracts are exactly that — the customer signs a contract showing a final price for the build based on the design and any specific requests by the customer at the time. This type of contract is less flexible because the contractor is building to the specifications set at the time of contract signing. Making changes later can incur significant costs due to delays and additional labor. Time plus materials contracts are somewhat more flexible since the customer is paying for whatever labor and materials are needed for the build. Changes will incur costs but only for the agreed labor rate plus additional materials. Of course, any changes which result in structural modifications to a home can result in significant expense, particularly if work has already been done and must be removed or modified.

When you are ready to build your home with Nutter Custom Construction, we will go over our contracts very carefully so you understand our costs and how our building program will offer you excellent customer service and an amazing home at the end.

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