Buying a Property to Build Your Home Tips

Have you considered buying a nice plot of land to build a new home?

There are so many options, and it’s a solid time to build something new when existing home prices are so volatile. Of course, as with anything in the world of real estate, there are risks and concerns you should understand before buying a property. Check out these useful tips for buying a property to build your home.

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Buying a Property for Home Building in Southwest Florida

  • Have a plan to handle all utility installations.
    • This covers everything from septic tanks to electrical wiring for your intended home. Electricity can be a major consideration if you live in a remote area (with fewer power lines) versus a more urban location like around Sarasota.
  • Know your options for water usage.
    • Some jurisdictions may have rules on when and how you can use water outdoors for gardening and so forth. You’ll also want to see if your property would rely on municipal water, well water, or a combination of both.
  • Get a comprehensive title report.
    • The title report will show you the property’s ownership history, a legal description, and any restrictions or guidelines for building there. This will also show you whether you can build a residential building at all (zoning considerations).
  • Know all the critical risks and hazards around the property.
    • Is the property on a protected wetland or in any other unusual circumstances? You should also assess the natural disaster risks, particularly regarding flooding in various parts of Florida. 
  • Talk to a professional about zoning requirements.
    • Don’t forget to learn about other building restrictions such as how high you can build a house (one or multiple stories), including the kinds of trees/vegetation you can plant.
  • Investigate the neighborhood.
    • Obviously, you won’t want to build in a bad neighborhood, too close to a radio tower or landfill, or where the local services and business opportunities won’t suit you. If you have children, you’d also want to research school quality and things of that nature.

This list isn’t exhaustive, so as you research and weigh your home-building options, you’ll encounter other topics that require planning and analysis.

Fortunately, you can rely on Nutter Custom Construction for terrific management and consulting services along with top-notch construction workmanship. We’re LEED AP professionals and certified home inspectors, so we know all the important home-building requirements around southwest Florida. You can contact us anytime to learn more at 941-924-1868.

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