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As spring begins in earnest and summer barrels our way, you might be looking at your home and wondering if it’s time to spruce the place up a bit for the coming months. Spring is a great time to renovate – the weather is usually great (as long as you aren’t worried about a bit of rain), the days cool, and the sunlight lasts long enough to get work done outside, too. Here are six renovation ideas for your home!

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1. Kitchen Improvements

You might think that a kitchen remodel is a complicated and expensive affair, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few easy tweaks, like painting your cabinets and updating hardware, that make the place feel new again!

2. Put in Wood Flooring

Upgrading to wooden flooring is a great option for a spring renovation. Any dust kicked up from sanding the old flooring to prepare it for the wood can be alleviated by opening the windows and embracing the fresh air.

3. New Drywall

Spring is a great time to install drywall because you can open the doors and windows and allow the warm air to help the drying process complete a bit quicker.

4. Add a Room

This option isn’t as difficult as you might think, and it’s especially ideal in the springtime. The warm weather means that a few days without walls won’t freeze you out of your home (literally).

5. Do Some Painting

One easy way to change your home this spring is by painting it a new color! Go for bold hues for a fun, trendy look.

6. Window Treatments

Window treatments can also help your space look brand new again and ready for the warmer summer months.

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