Choose the Right Grout Color for Your Sarasota Bathroom!

Modern bathroom designs are very different from the traditions of generations ago, with their emphasis on plain, uniform, and even stark color patterns. Now the emphasis is on bright colors and bold designs. A necessary part of the overall décor is to use a grout that blends well with the tiles or even use a grout that contrasts well with the tile color. Still, the final choice still depends on what looks good to you.

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Before considering grout colors, keep in mind the thickness of the grout lines. While there are no set rules, generally thin grout lines are used, to avoid moving the focus from the tiles. Thin grout lines are especially appropriate with smaller tiles. And even if you use larger tiles, thick grout lines can make for a predominately “grid style” look, with a mechanical and artificial appearance.

The more common colors for grout are gray and white. With gray grout, you need to judge if the colors of your tile are darker or lighter in intensity. If you wish to blend the appearance of the grout with the tile, choose a shade of gray grout that is about as dark or as light as the tile. If you want contrast, then choose a shade of gray grout that is significantly darker or lighter than the tile’s color.

White grout used with brightly colored tile can actually draw attention to the tile, instead of creating jarring contrast. White grout will make the edges of the tile look sharp and crisp, giving a very clean finish, and highlighting the color of the tiles.

For the maximum vibrant look, use colored grout, in a contrasting shade to the tile color. Your bathroom will have a perpetually bright and fresh look and highlight the rest of your home. Nutter Custom Construction can help! Reach us at 941-924-1868 or at 3534 S. Osprey Avenue in Sarasota.

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