Common Mistakes Made During Renovations

The goal to renovate a house and turn it into the ideal home is a dream held by thousands of Americans. Each year, these dreamers set out to accomplish this arduous task. And every year, for one reason or another, they make mistakes that cost them dearly and rob their ambitions of the ability to come to fruition. Whether it’s a DIY project or one outsourced to a contractor, these mistakes get made every year. 

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Having an Unrealistic Budget or Purchasing Cheap Supplies

This is one of the easiest mistakes to make. Every year, people jump right into a project without doing any research. This results in purchasing materials that are cheap and inefficient. Even when this problem is avoided, a lack of research and knowledge about the pricing of good materials leads to many projects going over budget very quickly. Put in the time to research what you’re getting and how much it costs. 

Lack of Measurements and Preparation 

Renovation is an undertaking that should never be rushed. Some are too eager to start, and as a result, there’s a significant lack of preparation. This results in shortcuts being taken, and as a result, the shoddy workmanship and rushed jobs can lead to too much material leftover or not enough to finish. Not to mention, an unsafe structure. One of the biggest determining factors in this is a lack of accurate measurements. Take your time. It’s better to be slightly behind schedule than over budget. 

Neglecting Permits 

Even if you own your property outright, you still need to make sure the area is properly zoned for renovations. This means acquiring the proper permits ahead of time before any work can be planned. Failure to do so can result in substantial fines and problems with your homeowner’s insurance. 

Lighting & Electrical 

This is a two-tiered problem that many experience, especially those who are first-timers. The sad part? It always comes from a place of total ignorance and lack of preparation. Because electrical is often obscured from plain sight, many neglect its placement during the planning stage. This is also the case with lighting, it’s such as easy step to overlook that many do exactly that. Therefore, preparation is important. 

Hiring a Bad Contractor 

Before hiring anyone, do your research. There is a planet of places online where people have reviewed contractors and their companies. While some negative reviews are easy to overlook, the law of averages says that if someone’s work is constantly referred to as bad, it probably is. 

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