Create a Luxury Kitchen with These Design Ideas

When you are ready to design your ultimate luxury kitchen, you need to keep in mind that luxury kitchens are designed piece by piece right down to the smallest detail. Even the smallest details can make a huge difference in an overall luxury aesthetic. Here are some design tips to give your remodel that exquisite luxury look. 

Backlighting the Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best design ideas for your kitchen is to backlight the kitchen cabinets. We recommend using glass-fronted cabinets so that the light in the cabinets can shine through. Backlit cabinets were probably designed to allow chefs to be able to find that elusive spice in the middle of the night in a dark cabinet corner. Now, having a bank of cabinets lit up at night is kitchen luxury. 

Don’t Scrimp on the Appliances

If you are designing a luxury kitchen, you need to make sure the appliances are luxury quality as well. Some luxury kitchen brands are so well known they sell themselves. You will want to look at refrigerators, ovens, and stovetops with an eye for the best brands. Not only will these brands speak luxury to visitors, they will also help your homes resale value. 

Consider Adding a New Luxury Item to Your Kitchen Appliances

There are all sorts of luxury gadgets you can add to your kitchen to amp up the appeal. Many people have two dishwashers in their luxury kitchen. One may be for kosher items, while the other isn’t. You may also have a dishwasher just for larger plates and platters if you entertain frequently. You can also add warming drawers to keep food warm while it’s being served, or refrigerator drawers for produce. 

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