Design a Bathroom Your Kiddos will Love in Your Sarasota Home

It is not surprising that you want to have a great looking kid’s bathroom here in Sarasota. A lot of people either have young children, or they have grandkids who frequently stay over. Children’s bathrooms are often neglected because people do not know how to transition a kid’s bathroom as a child continues to age. After all, no one is going to like Disney princesses or Spiderman forever. If you are thinking of redoing a bathroom for children, we have some ideas that will help the bathroom grow with the children and will be an attractive addition to your house. 

Put in A Double Vanity

When you have more than one child using the children’s bathroom during a sleepover, or when they are all trying to get ready for school at the same time; it can be utter madness. Calm this chaos by adding a double vanity to the bathroom. That way, you can have two or more kids getting ready in the bathroom at the same time, not to mention your sanity, as both kids will not be fighting over the sink. 

Pay Attention to Your Built-Ins

Built-ins are a great idea for a children’s bathroom. You may want to add some built-ins in the bath/shower for younger children, and then older children will be able to use the lower built-ins for toiletries as they get older. Any built-ins you can add in the bathroom you should, because it gives you more storage space for all the items kids inevitably bring with them into the bathroom. 

When you add built-ins, you are never taking away anything, but instead adding storage space that is desperately needed. If you decide to put your house on the market, this will be a big selling point for your home. 

Think About Color Choices

In the past, children’s bathrooms were decorated using pastel colors, or they were decorated using primary colors. However, children’s tastes change, and those colors they liked when they were younger were quickly out of fashion. 

One way to solve this problem is by keeping the bathroom a neutral shade and then adding pops of color according to the tastes of the child. For example, if you have two young boys who love animals, you could paint one wall in a bright color, and add some fun animal prints. As they grow older, you can change the color of the single wall, and change prints or photos. 

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