Designs Trends That are Perfect for Spring

Spring is here, one of the best times to focus on a home construction or remodeling project. As usual, there is no shortage of opportunities for new interior design tasks and/or outdoor decor projects. There’s always something exciting you can do to rejuvenate your kitchen, backyard patio, or vacant spare bedroom.

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Today, let’s explore the most popular design trends for Spring 2023. Maybe you’ll see something you’d like to do to your home in Sarasota.

Popular Design Trends for Spring Remodeling

  1. New Cabinets
    • Cabinet replacement is always a priority nowadays. Consumer preferences vary substantially, but you can’t go wrong with bold colors, heavy/durable material, and anything that won’t mold or create lots of upkeep. The “soft-modern” style with high-gloss finishing is popular so far this year.
  2. Classy Curved Furniture
    • Box-shaped furniture is not fashionable any longer. Whether you own a small condominium along Siesta Keys or a five-bedroom home with lots of outdoor space, the trend is definitely toward curved couches and other novelties throughout homes.
  3. Porches, Porticos, & Other Outdoor Renovations
    • Speaking of outdoor considerations, it’s a wide-open frontier of possibilities. Front-door porticos are going up all over the place, and now’s a great time to install a new deck if your current version has succumbed to humidity and wood rot. Also, it’s never out of style to install a lavish swimming pool to add significant aesthetic and home value. Check out this example at Coconut Terrace for the most magnificent inspiration.
  4. Enclosed Kitchens
    • You probably know there is a myriad of ways to arrange a kitchen: L-shaped, island, U-shaped, galley, peninsula, etc. Now, the enclosed ones are in favor, and there are numerous ways to do this, without sacrificing space, by utilizing wall shelving and creative remodeling.
  5. Gold Fixtures
    • Who doesn’t enjoy a little gold? While copper fixtures remain favorable, especially around kitchen/bathroom sinks, there’s a growing interest in gold items like chandeliers, pendant lights, and even cabinet/appliance handles.
  6. Wood: High Gloss or Simple Finish
    • Quality wood finishes are also enjoying a resurgence, but there’s no set way to do this. We’re seeing homeowners pair high-gloss wood cabinets with marble countertops, among many other kitchen or dining room arrangements. It’s also popular to see warm wood furniture and other simple/traditional designs. Folks across owner demographics appreciate anything that creates an earthy ambiance in their home.

Nutter Custom Construction: Putting Design Ideas into Action

Since these projects require sophisticated techniques, knocking out walls, and expert installation, it’s prudent to hire professional assistance. That’s what we offer clients in Sarasota and surrounding areas. We can design, build, renovate, and remodel any home, big or small, for premium results, guaranteed to boost property value.

We hope this motivates you to pursue a fun and rewarding home remodeling task this season. For the major renovations you can’t do alone, consider the reliable service of Nutter Custom Construction. Contact us anytime to inquire about our professional construction and design services at 941-924-1868.

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