Do Your Current Windows Make the Cut?

With summer still in full effect, we’re all trying to find ways to beat the heat without feeling the brunt of astronomical electric bills.  One thing many of us tend to overlook is how our windows affect our ability to cool down our homes.  Broken glass and bent frames are telltale signs of damaged windows, but sometimes it’s as simple as noticing icy drafts when it’s cold out or feeling like it is near impossible to cool your home down.  If you’re experiencing any of these things, it’s time to replace those windows! Not only will it reduce your utility bills significantly, proper windows insulate your home, increase the ventilation of fresh air, and reduce noise from outside.  

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If you’re unsure about whether or not it’s time to swap out your windows, we’re here to help you decide.  First of all, check for any damage.  While giant holes and broken glass are obvious, you’ll also want to check for small cracks and loose frames.  The longer you wait, the more possible damage to the interior of your home from the outdoor elements.

If you’re feeling any drafts or have noticed any leaks, it’s time to swap those windows out.  Check around each side for rot, standing water and moisture, and even insects getting caught between the panes.  If your windows give when you push on them, feel soft to the touch, or have cracking that may just look superficial, the damage is done and you should look into new ones.  

Sealed, up to date windows are vital for proper temperature cold no matter what the weather outside.  If you’re running your AC full blast and can’t get the house to drop in temperature, air from the outdoors is likely seeping in and heating the house up even more!

If you live in an older home and the windows haven’t been changed In years, it’s good to do a quick assessment for yourself to see if it’s just time to upgrade, especially if they’re looking a little worn. Give us a call at Nutter Custom Construction at 941-924-1868, and we’ll come out to check your windows and work with you to replace them to ensure that your home and family are safe and comfortable year round. 

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