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The concept of environmentally friendly or “eco-friendly” construction is becoming more popular with home buyers. Buyers of new homes want to see that the contractor has made the effort to use environmentally conscious techniques and materials in their homes. The benefits include more efficient buildings, a healthier internal space, and a contribution to helping the planet. 

Nutter Custom Construction believes operating in an environmentally conscious manner not only benefits our customers but our business as well. Here are some ways we can work with customers to include environmentally friendly materials and practices into our homes and renovations:

Recycled wood -- More products are being made today with wood recycled from older homes and business demolitions. Also, there are interior and exterior recycled wood products available such as old barn siding or wood beams that can be incorporated into your design. 

Recycled steel -- Almost one-half of new steel is made from recycled steel products, making it the most recycled material in the world. We can work with suppliers to obtain 100% recycled steel if a customer requests it in their project.

Bamboo -- Bamboo is extremely strong, fast-growing, and friendly to the environment. In fact, the strength and flexibility of bamboo is demonstrated throughout Asia where it is used to make scaffolding for building construction that can rise many floors high. Bamboo flooring is becoming quite popular because of its lighter colors, relatively low cost, and good durability. 

Concrete and concrete substitutes -- Concrete itself can be used to replace some construction materials such as wood to reduce the environmental impact. Concrete also has good insulation properties to reduce heating and air conditioning needs. Also, there are multiple additives now available which use recycled materials to replace some of the concrete. These include sawdust, coal ash, and even recycled glass.

Environmentally friendly design -- New homes can incorporate designs to reduce their energy impact. Features can include deeper soffits to reduce direct sunlight exposure, automatic window coverings to block the sun during the hottest part of the day, skylights that open to permit natural air cooling, and better insulation materials such as non-toxic foams to reduce electric bills. 

NCC is committed to protecting Southwest Florida’s resources by using construction techniques that are environmentally friendly. If you are interested in learning how we can incorporate environmentally friendly construction techniques into your home design, we invite you to fill out the form below for more information or call (941) 924-1868.

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