Five Determining Factors of a Luxury Home

If you’re in the process of house hunting, chances are you’ve spent a good amount of time browsing through ads—either online or in the paper. While real estate ads are known for using clever language to sway interest, you may have seen the term “luxury home” in the listings and thought about what the words refer to. We assure you that this term isn’t misleading and is used to describe the more upscale and enticing properties currently on the market. To better understand what this entails, we’ve compiled a list of five determining factors of what makes a luxury home so unique. 

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Location, Location, Location

This is the most important rule in real estate and naturally applies to luxury homes. Luxury homes exist in a variety of locations that range from gated communities to easy access to prominent schools. Some are built away from the congestion of traffic and urban settings, and may even be conveniently located near natural vegetation such as an orange grove or oasis. 

Spacious Floor Plans 

One of the easiest factors to notice about any luxury home is the unique amount of space they offer. They’re usually known for being spacious with plenty of extra rooms that can be converted to either guest quarters or areas to provide entertainment such as home theaters of game rooms. 

Better Materials for a Better Life 

Because luxury homes offer a better quality of life than the average home, it’s easy to see why they’re built from above-average materials. Granite, marble, and high-end tile are usually found accentuating areas such as the kitchen and patio, while the houses themselves are usually constructed from the highest quality wood grains. 

Incredible Presentation, Inside and Out

While your jaw might end up hitting the floor as you take in the breathtaking interior of a luxury home, it might be the exterior that first runs away with your heart and mind. The name of the game is presentation and the exterior of a luxury home is just as breathtaking as what’s inside. A luxury home will have an inviting back yard that are outfitted with well-manicured lawns and amenities such as a spa or gazebo. 

Pricing and Value 

While the housing market has prices that tend to rise and fall depending how the market is, luxury home prices always tend to stay consistent as they’re always above the median or average.  At their lowest, you can expect to pay at least $500,000. While their prices may seem steep, you’ll be making a timely investment that will allow you a better quality of life and the luxury you’ve always wanted. 

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