Five Things to Think About Before a Bathroom Remodel

Nutter Custom Construction knows your home is your sanctuary more than ever these days, and that is why so many have turned to remodeling their houses to better suit their comfort and taste. A good remodel can turn a house into a home and even make you feel like you are living somewhere entirely new. Whatever your end goal may be, Nutter Custom Construction can help you every step of the way. If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom, here is some advice on what to keep in mind:


Of course financial matters are important to consider when remodeling. Carefully planning out a budget can help you and our team decide the best plan of action to create the bathroom of your dreams. Nutter Custom Construction is happy to work within your budget and guarantees to beautify your home with your vision as our guide.

Bathroom Remodel in Sarasota


If a bubble bath has become a regular part of your “self-care” routine, then a bathtub upgrade may be just what you need to elevate your home spa experience. If a shower is more your style, then changing the shower head and doors can help modernize your bathroom. Choosing a new tile can also brighten up a bathroom in a wonderful way.


The bathroom is used for many different things that require different lighting. For a relaxing shower or late night trip to the bathroom, dim lights are needed, but for applying makeup, shaving, or styling your hair, you are going to need a bright light. Remodeling your light fixtures and adding dimmers can help balance out your bathroom.


Remodeling your bathroom floors can transform it into an entirely new space. Swap out old linoleum or laminate for beautiful porcelain, quartz or granite flooring — all three are water-resistant and therefore perfect options for a bathroom.


Adding extra details to your bathroom remodel plan can really personalize your space. Things like sinks and countertops, cabinets and storage, and mirrors and doors can all be the finishing touches that set your home apart from the rest.

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