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It’s part of our policy, at Nutter Custom Construction, to only use the most recyclable materials for home-building projects. This has become an important expectation among prospective home builders around Florida.

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That’s why we do so much of our work using recycled wood, bamboo, recycled steel, and other eco-friendly materials. So, what does it mean to “build green,” and what are its advantages?

What is Green Building?

The concept of green building involves doing construction with environmentally friendly materials, but without sacrificing quality, durability, or any other important attributes. It begins with the design stages where we develop ways to reduce energy consumption. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Strategically designing automatic window coverings that open or close depending on the level of light/heat entering your home.
  • Installing skylights to enable natural air cooling.
  • Use of higher-quality insulation materials made from non-toxic foams.

All of this lowers your dependence on fuel for your home. It goes a step further if you’re designing a house from scratch. Then you can devise strategies for building without creating too much land or water disruption around the property. So, there’s a material component, a landscaping element, and a focus on higher-tech, energy-efficient equipment.

What are the Advantages of Eco-Friendly Building with Custom Homes?

  • Contrary to popular belief, green building DOES NOT have to be expensive. There may be a few heavy startup expenses initially, but they’re a wise investment that’ll save you money in the long run. Take, for instance, the simple task of installing LED light fixtures. Yes, they cost more than incandescent bulbs, but they’ll pay for themselves in a few months with greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills.
  • It trains you to focus on more sustainable materials, which also tend to have better longevity. Some of the older stuff used for roofing, siding, or electrical fixtures are less efficient, pollutes more, and deteriorates faster. In general, eco-friendly resources have a better chance of surpassing warranty expectations.
  • Once you go eco-friendly, you might notice lower maintenance costs. That’s because the traditional interior and exterior materials also involve more upkeep.
  • It’s better for your health to build green, too. There’s a significant demand for building supplies that don’t put off toxic byproducts (which hurt the environment and your body). 

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to the philosophy of eco-friendly building. If you have further questions, then someone on our team would be more than happy to field questions.

Nutter Custom Construction builds sustainable and eco-friendly homes and helps clients with remodeling services all throughout the Sarasota area. You can enjoy the peace of mind of owning an environmentally friendly home with several luxury amenities when you work with us. Contact us anytime at 941-924-1868 to learn more about custom home-building services.

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