Great Features to Make Your Home Stand Out

How do you take your home from comfortable and average all the way to exemplary and luxurious?

Anything is possible with home renovation and remodeling tasks that take it to the next level for greater home value, relaxing ambiances, and the chance to “wow” all your visitors. These do not have to cost a fortune or take months to complete, either.

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We work with Sarasota-area homeowners who make substantial transformations with novel ideas in just a few weeks. Here are a few features you could pursue to make your home stand out compared to other properties in west Florida.

Best Features to Make Your Home Stand Out

  1. Upgrade Things with ‘Smart’ Technology
    • Smart technology lets you integrate virtually all your home electronic equipment and coordinate everything from your smartphone. This can be as simple as installing a smart thermostat or as lavish as building a home theater system.
    • Smart technology can help you turn things on/off quicker, which makes managing your various appliances easier, thus enabling greater energy efficiency. There are significant home security advantages as well. Perhaps you’ve seen the popular doorbell surveillance systems you can purchase for your home. Many of them are easy to DIY install, or you can call an electrician to put together something more elaborate and protective. 
  2. Add a New ‘Hidden’ Room
    • There are several unique ways to add a hidden or subdued chamber to your home. Sometimes folks remodel their kitchens to include “butler pantries” or “batwing pantries” for hiding their food. It’s also possible to do this with crafty bookshelf doors, inconspicuous closet doors, and a host of other features, which are often . . . hidden in plain sight.
  3. Choose One of Many Outdoor Enhancements
    • There are so many fun ways to spruce up your home exterior, and it’s easy to start small and build incrementally. You can begin by DIYing a few bird feeders, gardening, or altering the landscape a little. Then, call us for more elaborate tasks like this swimming pool installation at Harborside. There are also plenty of ways to embellish your outdoors with new porch/deck materials, adding a hot tub, or protecting your patio with a new roof or enclosure.

How Nutter Custom Construction Can Help

You can rely on first-class design and construction for all the advanced projects when you partner with Nutter Custom Construction. Our office is located right next to Sarasota and Siesta Key, and we’ve made our mark on many million-dollar homes in this gorgeous area.

Nutter Custom Construction is the most comprehensive and dedicated design-build team in the Sarasota community. We can help you enhance your home by installing new accent lighting, remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, replacing your patio, or offering expert consulting. Discover more about our remodeling, construction, and concierge services by calling 941-924-1868.

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