Have You Thought of These Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2020?

New Year, new bathroom! If your 2020 plans include remodeling your bathroom, consider these options. Have you thought of these bathroom remodel ideas for 2020?

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The first thing to consider for your 2020 bathroom remodel is the color scheme. Neutral colors are on trend for 2020. Not only are these colors trendy, but they are also versatile and appealing. If you plan on selling your home one day, a neutral colored bathroom is more attractive to buyers than a bold and vivid colored bathroom.

When picking tiles for your bathroom shower and/or floor, keep things simple. A neutral color tile with a slight texture is timeless. You can also opt for subway tiles, which are on-trend for 2020. Consider light color tiles for your bathroom. Whites and light grays can help a bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

You can pick simple flooring, tiles, and countertops for your bathroom in 2020. This way, you can get creative and expressive with fixtures. Fixtures can help your bathroom space feel more personal. Plus, fixtures are easy to switch out, so you can update your bathroom with new fixtures years down the road. You can pick brass fixtures for a luxurious feel or you can opt for classic silver fixtures for a timeless feel.

The vanity of a bathroom is an important space, especially if you get ready for your day in your bathroom. Opt for a larger mirror to help your space feel bigger. A large mirror also makes it easier to get ready. Consider generous counter space as well. For additional storage, think about installing cabinets under your sink.

For help remodeling your bathroom in 2020, reach out to Nutter Custom Construction. You can contact our team by phone when you call 941-924-1868. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to helping you design your dream bathroom for 2020.

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