How to Build a Custom Ranch-Style Home

We’re big fans of ranch-style homes here at Nutter Custom Construction. While there are plenty of fantastic ways to build magnificent two-story homes, the same is true of classic ranch homes.

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You can find these functional and customizable homes all over America, has become very popular since the mid-20th century. These are fun houses to build, renovate, and remodel for several reasons.

Would you like a few tips on how to build the custom ranch-style home of your dreams?

Strategies for Building a Custom Ranch-Style Home

  1. Determine the Shape & Dimensions
    • The traditional ranch-style home involves a one-story layout, which can come in many shapes and sizes. You may already know how many square feet you’d like for your home. Now, it’s time to determine whether to build a ranch-style home that’s L-shaped, U-shaped, or rectangular. Don’t forget that most marketable homes have an open floor plan without too many walls or tinier rooms.
  2. Figure out How to Partition Various Sections of Your Home
    • Of course, you’ll need some walls, so it’s important to visualize every room according to function or purpose. This is where you might put bedrooms on one wing of the home, far enough away from noisier areas like the kitchen.
  3. Don’t Forget the Ceiling
    • One drawback to ranch-style homes is that the ceilings are sometimes too low. Fortunately, thanks to modern innovation, it’s easier than ever to raise a ceiling and obtain much more vertical depth to your one-story home.
  4. Create Natural Lighting
    • All modern homes emphasize abundant lighting in two ways: 1) Maximizing the amount of natural light from the outside, and 2) Artificial lighting for an ambient, task, and accent purposes. Don’t neglect the former point when you decide how to position windows around your ranch home. Everything from bay windows to sliding glass doors can boost your new home’s interior ambiance more than you’d expect with greater natural light.
  5. Exterior Concerns
    • It’s fun to cultivate a ranch-style exterior as well. There are many ways to do this by creating an appropriate color scheme for your roof materials, siding, shutters, doors, and so forth. This also includes how you arrange the foliage and landscaping items around your exterior.
  6. Hire a Professional Construction Company to Help
    • Since there are so many details involved with constructing the perfect ranch home, it pays to hire Nutter Custom Construction to help you with everything. It’s always a wise investment to partner with a construction management firm that can coordinate all the various building contractors toward crafting your dream house.

The easiest way to conquer any home improvement remodeling task is to work with a reliable home designer, like Nutter Custom Construction. There are many companies that offer this service, but we’re your top choice for folks around Sarasota, Florida. Contact us anytime to learn more about ranch-style homes and other custom construction ideas by calling 941-924-1868.

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