How to Build an Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficiency is one of the top concerns among our clients. In fact, it’s one of the most often cited reasons for wanting to build a new house rather than purchase an older homemade before energy-saving innovations. Nutter Custom Construction would like to offer you a few ideas for saving energy when you decide to build a home.

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6 Energy Saving Ideas for Home Builders

  1. Pay Extra Attention to Windows
    • Windows are so important because when they get old or difficult to open/shut, they often bring about higher utility bills. You never want to deal with windows that allow air to enter your home and add more strain to your air conditioner. There are many excellent window manufacturers like Pella and Andersen, who make state-of-the-start windows with excellent warranties that will last decades.
  2. Optimize The Roof with Solar Panels 
    • You probably already know how detrimental a leaky roof can be to energy costs, health, and safety. While it’s important to have sturdy materials with proper installation, why stop there? You can transform your roof into an energy factory by installing solar panels. It’s a bit of an investment, but with all the sunshine we get in Sarasota, it makes sense to harness some of it for energy.
  3. Install an Eco-Friendly HVAC
    • We need reliable and efficient air conditioning in Florida. You have plenty of options here, so we recommend paying attention to the Energy Star ratings on the various brands. Those will guide you toward the best possible eco-friendly varieties.
  4. Get Energy Efficient Light Fixtures
    • When we say “light fixtures,” we refer to both indoor and outdoor lighting because both combine for a lot of energy usage. This is one of the more popular remodeling services we offer as well. LED and CFL bulbs are significantly superior to traditional incandescent lights. These also boost a home’s curb appeal with better aesthetics.
  5. Get Modern Appliances
    • Nobody builds a house for it to be a shell. Therefore, the appliances you bring inside it (washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc.) need to align with your energy-saving mission. This is another case where you want to review all specifications and select only those with an above-average Energy Star rating.
  6. Install a Good Water Heater
    • Water heaters are much more sophisticated than in the old days. You can get tankless water heaters that occupy less space, have less potential for fire hazards, and consume a much smaller energy volume. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to how they’re set (speak with a plumber for guidelines), and take additional steps to avoid wasting hot water during daily activities.

These are a few energy-saving tips to get you thinking about how you can achieve optimal energy levels throughout your home. You can learn even more environmentally friendly suggestions when you partner with Nutter Customs Construction for a building project. We pay attention to details and seek to use recycled materials whenever possible. Contact us to learn more about our remodeling and home building services at 941-924-1868.

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