How to Choose The Right Roofing for your Custom Home

Building your very own custom home is extremely exciting!  There are so many decisions you get to make to make the home perfect for you and your family.  One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is regarding the roof.  Nutter Custom Construction is here to help you decide on the best roofing option for your new home!

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Not only can you add to the aesthetics of your house with the roof you choose, but you can also make your decision based on price, durability, and safety as well.  There may be limitations to your roofing style depending on the location of your home and whether or not you have a homeowner’s association.  If you are free to choose, you’ll have to decide on the materials, color, style, and even pitch of your roof.  

We suggest focusing on several key factors when deciding on roofing.  First, think about the architectural style of your home.  Then, you’ll want to find out if you are limited to specific colors and materials based on your location.  Building codes may also have specific requirements for weather and fire safety, as well as energy efficiency.  You also want to ensure the color of your roof complements the exterior of your home and is neutral enough to go with other colors should you decide to repaint.  The weather and environment in your area will also affect the material options you’ll have.  And finally, the biggest factor to consider is budget.  Before making your final decision, it’s important to learn about different roofing materials and their features!

The most common and cost-effective roofing types are asphalt and asphalt compost shingles.  They come in many colors and are easy to find.  They won’t break the bank and are also easily replaced should your roof suffer any damage.  However, they only last about 20 to 25 years which isn’t long for a roof.  They aren’t very sustainable and provide little to no insulation.

Next up are concrete tiles.  They are made up of a mixture of different concretes and are easy to install.  They can last over 50 years when cared for properly and are fire and insect-resistant.  They also come in a wide variety of colors and styles and are recyclable.  Since the lighter-colored tiles reflect sunlight, they will increase your energy efficiency.  Some cons however include the fact that they are very heavy and require additional framing to support them and if someone needs to walk on your roof, tiles can break easily. This makes repairing concrete rooves especially difficult.

If you’re looking for a European-style roof, slate tiles are the choice for you.  They are very easy to care for, can be recycled, and are recyclable.   Unfortunately, they are also one of the heaviest roofing materials you can choose.  They also break very easily when being walked on, and if they are not installed properly you may find that rain can seep through them easily causing moisture problems.

There are many other options such as synthetic tiles, metal and stone-coated metal, and wood shingles and shakes.  Nutter Custom Construction can help you make the ideal selection for your home.  We are conveniently located at 3534 South Osprey Avenue in Sarasota, Florida, and can be contacted by phone at (941) 924-1868.

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