Keep Your Home Clean and Disinfected During COVID-19

This is a difficult time for all of us and Sarasota is no different. It is especially hard for us Floridians to limit our time to our homes, when so many of us spend so much time on the beaches, in the water, or on a boat. Right now, however, it is really important that we take the time to social distance, and stop the spread of COVID-19. If you are concerned about spreading the virus, and you want to keep your family safe, we have some tips for you so that you can keep your house clean and safe during the pandemic. 

Be Sure Everything Has Been Washed

One of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to wash areas with soap and water. Stop and think for a moment about your house. Think about all of those areas that are often touched during the course of a day. Your appliances, thermostat, doors, furniture and countertops are all touched by everyone in your family every day. Clean them off with soap and water. It doesn’t matter if the water is hot or cold–it is the soap that helps to kill the virus. 


When all of your surfaces are clean, you need to use disinfectant. Disinfectant does exactly what it says it does: it gets rid of viruses and bacteria that land on surfaces. Coronavirus spreads through droplets in the air that land on something–hands, arms, and other surfaces. People become infected when they touch a surface, and then touch their noses and mouths. Use a disinfectant. If you are not sure whether the cleaning product you are using has a disinfectant, you can check for the product on the list of EPA registered disinfectants. To be safe, you need to disinfect high touch areas every day. 

After you have disinfected the high touch areas, be sure you have cleaned soft surfaces made of material as well. Use the cleaner that is appropriate for that surface. For example, if the surface is a blanket, you can put it in the wash. With all of these tips, we are hoping that you will stay safe, and your family will be able to get through the pandemic without catching the virus. 

Once the pandemic slows down, you should think about how you want your home to change moving forward. When you are ready to do something amazing with that house of yours, why not contact us? You can reach Nutter Custom Construction at 941-924-1868. We look forward to working with you!

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