Kid-Friendly Custom Home Design Ideas

We come across many homeowner clients who want to know about kid-friendly custom home designs. If you’re the head of a large family, then check out some of the fun ideas to boost home value and create something spectacular for your children. Here are a few suggestions.

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Best Kid-Friendly Custom Home Design Projects

  1. Select Rounded Furniture
    • This might seem like an odd place to start, but one of the core components of remodeling involves selecting new furniture. If you have little ones that like to wrestle on your living floor, then rounded furniture is a must, especially with coffee tables. It’s also a good idea to install padding on the corners of sharper objects if you have adventurous toddlers running around your home.
  2. Allow Children to Make a Few Decisions
    • Obviously, you wouldn’t let children decide which type of roofing material to install, but there are some home improvement things they might find interesting. Perhaps you could let them choose their bedroom’s wall paint or pick between bunk beds or a single twin-size bed. Of course, you would want to pre-select sensible options before letting them decide.
  3. Make Your Home Fixtures Kid-Friendly
    • This means putting things together to match the needs of smaller folks. If, for example, the bathroom vanity is out of reach, you could include a built-in stepping stool. Some homeowners also like to add more shelves in various places to accommodate toys, clothes, school supplies, and other items children need.
  4. Don’t Forget The “Parents-Only” Zones
    • You may need a break from our children sometimes, and it’s always nice to have a couple of sanctuary spots in your home. If you have a basement or spare room (perhaps when your adult children leave), you can turn those areas into a wet bar, billiards room, study, or home office.
  5. Kid-Friendly Flooring Materials
    • There aren’t really “bad” flooring materials for children, as long as you know how to arrange things. You can install vinyl, laminate, or hardwood floors, which are easy to keep clean. Then include a few throw rugs to add extra cushioning and something warmer for the winter evenings.

These are some of our favorites. Can you think of any others? Well, if you can and want to start customizing your home, then we can help.

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