Lighting Ideas that Go With Any Style

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re undergoing the process of turning a house into a home. Beyond the furniture, fixtures, flooring, and much more, you might want to take some time to think about lighting. Choosing the right setup can really bring out the aesthetic that you’re trying to accomplish. We consulted some design experts, and they had some very special picks for the ones that go with any house or style. 

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Farmhouse Breakfast Nook Chandelier 

Utilizing a minimalist design can do wonders for any room. By not implementing an ostentatious design, the other features of the room are highlighted. Using a dark table underneath can bring out the gold tint of the chandelier. 

Oversized Pendant Lights 

Here’s a style that can work for any living space but is ideal in the kitchen. The shape and contour of the light can give any kitchen or dining room the appearance of an upper-class cafe. Put them in any other room, and you can really flex your artistic taste. 

Shabby Chic Dining Room Chandelier 

You no longer have to travel to the alpine regions to capture the type of fixtures that once adorned the castle walls of King Ludwig. While the design is relatively minimalist, the circular shape and upright candle fixtures can bring out the gothic aesthetic of any room. 

Basket Weave Pendant Lights 

A modern take on an older design, these lights allow brightness to shine in any room. While they certainly work best in a room that’s painted white, they can provide an interesting contrast in style depending on which color you decide to utilize. 

Modern Black & Gold Pendant 

The concept behind the movement known as “post-modernism” is utilizing art that has no rules or regulations and, at times, lacks a moral compass. This light design certainly adheres to this philosophy as it goes against the grain of contemporary lighting designs. Ideal for a bathroom or bedroom, this can make any room in your house a bold artistic statement. 

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