Myths About Custom Home Building in Florida

Building a custom home is the perfect way to create your ideal house.  Many potential home buyers are wary of all the decisions they have to make and if custom building is the right move.  At Nutter Home Construction, we’re here to debunk all the myths that you may have heard about building your very own custom home here in beautiful Florida! 

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One of the big myths we hear that causes concern is that you must already have land purchased before you can hire a builder.  That simply isn’t the truth!  We can assist you in finding the land you need for your custom home with our wonderful resources.  As your builder, we can also help assist you with making decisions about the best area to start your home-building process based on your needs for the land.  If you want a luxury pool or acres of land to spend time gardening in, we can aid you in making the decision.  

Another common misconception is that you’ll have to hire an architect in addition to builders.  We have designs available for you to choose from and tweak, and can also work with you directly if you want to create a completely innovative floor plan with unique features.

Many people think it will be cheaper to purchase a home and remodel.  This can actually be the complete opposite.  Older homes often have hidden issues that cannot always be identified before purchasing.  Once you start tearing down walls and getting into the bones of an older home, there’s no telling what you’ll find.  Extra expenses will add up quickly, eating away at your remodel budget and stopping you from creating your dream home.

While building a home does take time, it does not always take as much time as people believe.  If that’s what’s holding you back, don’t worry!  Ensuring that you have time for meetings and discussions regarding your home will keep the process running smoothly and on schedule. 

Nutter Home Construction has a wide array of base home plans for you to choose from, making the process as simple as possible.  Not only do we offer custom builds, but we can also assist with remodeling, management and consulting, and concierge service.  You can rest assured that we make environmentally friendly choices as we help you create your dream home that you will share with friends and family for years to come.  If you would like to get in touch with us, please give us a call at (941) 924-1868.  We are conveniently located at 3534 South Osprey Avenue in Sarasota, Florida.

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