Create a Dreamy Outdoor Oasis with Luxurious Designs

While we’re currently in the throes of winter and taking a dip in your swimming pool might be the last thing on your mind, we’re always thinking ahead here at Nutter Custom Construction. And if your pool could use some sprucing up or a long-overdue upgrade, we have the perfect suggestion in mind. Why not turn your pool into an exotic oasis? With just a few additions, your pool can be forever transformed into the ideal tropical getaway. 

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Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

Selecting a custom home builder is a critical decision when embarking on the journey of building your dream home. This choice will significantly impact the outcome of your project, and therefore, it’s essential to approach it with diligence.

Asking the right questions is a crucial part of this process, as it allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the builder’s qualifications, approach, and commitment to delivering a quality custom home. Here is a comprehensive list of questions to ask your custom home builder to help you make an informed decision.

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Defining the Heart of Your Home

You’ve likely heard or even used the expression, “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” The kitchen has been considered the heart of the home since the 1980s, and for good reason. Early kitchens were small and compact spaces designed just for utility, but newer homes feature large, spacious kitchens that double as entertaining areas. If you want the heart of your home to be redefined, upgraded, and made to accommodate your lifestyle, keep reading for tips on what to do.

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