Nine Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

Now that fall is officially here, it’s time to start thinking about caring for your home. You will be spending more time indoors once the weather cools down, so you want to be sure your home is cared for properly. Fix up the exterior and interior of your Sarasota home before the temperature drops. For nine fall home maintenance tasks, continue reading this blog post.

1. Touch up exterior paint

Summer weather can take a toll on your exterior paint. Whether the hot weather caused peeling or a summer storm chipped the paint, you can fix the damaged areas on your own or with help from a professional.

2. Trim trees

Dead branches and tree limbs can cause serious concern during a winter storm. Cut these trees and shrubs before the weather gets any cooler to keep your home safe.

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3. Improve porch lighting

The winter months are darker, requiring an increased need for lighting. Improve porch lighting by installing new lights or higher wattage bulbs if your lighting fixtures allow.

4. Plant flowers

Different flowers bloom at different times of the year. Plant fall-blooming flowers for attractive landscaping during the cooler months.

5. Finish interior painting

If you spent the summer painting your home, finish these projects before the wintertime. You want to take full advantage of your indoor space during the winter. Plus, paint dries faster with the windows open, so use the last days of warmer weather to complete these projects.

6. Store window air conditioners

Remove the window air conditioners from your windows and tune them up. Make sure they’re running well so they can be effective next season.

7. Clean your drains

You may not be thinking about it, but it’s important to keep your drains clean. Hair and debris can collect in sink and bathtub drains, allowing for poor flow of water.

8. Change your furnace air filter

This simple home improvement task can allow for clean flowing of air, since you will be turning on the heat soon.

9. Dust refrigerator coils

Another home improvement task you’re probably not thinking about is dusting your refrigerator coils. Fridges work hard in the summer to keep your food cool, so help your fridge recover by cleaning coils of dirt and dust.

Need help with any home improvement tasks, or looking to remodel your space before the winter months hit? If so, contact Nutter Custom Construction at 941-924-1868 today!

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