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In today’s world, people are more conscious than ever about making sure that the world they live in is taken care of. This is where the concept of things like recycling, solar panels, finding cleaner renewable energy, and so many more eco-friendly strategies have come from. And this concept of being eco-friendly has spilled over into the construction world seeing buyers opting for the greener route rather than the traditional one. Buyers are eagle-eyed in seeing whether their contractor has gone the extra mile in utilizing eco-friendly techniques and materials for the job. Not only does going green help the planet, but it also leads to more efficient buildings and an overall healthier setting to work and live in. 

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Here at Nutter Custom Construction, we operate by those standards, leading the eco-friendly way in everything we do from the materials we use to using those materials in the right way. Because at the end of the day, these eco-friendly elements not only help the world, but they help our customers too. So how do we pull it off? Here are some ways that we’ve gone eco-friendly in our work. 

Recycled wood

Instead of chopping down new trees and wasting wood in that respect, Nutter Construction prides itself on using recycled wood to minimize waste. This wood comes from places like older homes and old businesses that were demolished. We offer a wide range of interior and exterior wood products that can go great with whatever design you choose. 

Recycled steel 

Not only do we utilize recycled wood to reduce the number of trees being cut down, but we also use recycled steel as another element to go eco-friendly. We work with our suppliers to obtain 100% recycled steel when a customer wants it in their design. 


We’ve already covered important supplies like wood and steel in our operation, but another material that we use that helps the environment is bamboo. Using bamboo can cut down in the use of wood in your design. But it’s also a material that’s highly durable meaning it’ll last you a while. We learned about its strength through its utilization in parts of Aisa where it’s been used in things like buildings and properties. It’s a great material to use in designs for its versatility, affordability, and longevity. 

Concrete and concrete alternatives

In addition to using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, we also use substitutes like concrete to help the environment. Concrete can be good to replace things like wood while being just as efficient. This is also a cheaper material to use and holds up just as well as its costlier counterparts. 

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