Phases of Custom Construction

Custom construction projects should have an organized rubric or plan for getting the job done. Reliable contractors never jump into a project haphazardly without a plan.

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When you work with the professionals at Nutter Custom Construction, you’ll notice we go through various phases for planning, enacting, and finishing a custom construction project. Here is a rough idea of what you can expect from working with us in Sarasota.

Seven Phases of Custom Construction

  1. Make Selections, Draft Plans, & Obtain Permits
    • The hardest part is knowing all of what you want in a home. Fortunately, we can help you make those choices without forcing generic floor plans or amenities onto you. Our experienced architects and designers can help you choose every component from scratch and review popular home features in the surrounding neighborhood.
  2. Foundational Work
    • You have to set Foundations properly if you want to avoid future catastrophes like cracking, walls caving in, and so forth. This is especially important since we’re sitting at only 16 feet above sea level in Sarasota. As we saw with the recent Hurricane Ian, it’s possible for homes to come right off their foundations, which is why you need a professional builder to prevent that from happening.
  3. Framing, Siding, & Wrapping
    • Then we lay down the frame of the home. This includes floor, wall, and roof framing. Once that’s done, we move over to siding and wrapping, which is a big part of what protects your home from the elements. This coincides with finishing the roof, along with adding windows, doors, and other access components.
  4. Install Plumbing, HVAC, & Electrical
    • Here’s where we put together all the utility components for your home. We have to cooperate with several other contractors because all these areas (plumbing, heating, AC, and electrical) are skilled trades with numerous codes and regulations.
  5. Add Insulation & Drywall
    • Step 3 had us put in framing for walls, but by this point, you’re ready to fill them in with drywall and insulation. You have several insulation choices, but builders may use materials like mineral wool, concrete blocks, insulated panels, rigid/sprayed foam, and so forth.
  6. Flooring & Interior Trim
    • Here, we complete the flooring and add trim to the doors, windows, baseboards, molding, and stairways. After we do the trim is usually when we would paint the walls or apply wallpaper. This is also the phase that includes cabinet/countertop installation.
  7. Do All Finishes & Add Landscaping
    • There’s a lot to do at the end of the job, including last inspections and troubleshooting. There are several finishing touches such as installing showers, sinks, certain electrical fixtures, as well as exterior components. Once everything is complete, the state can issue a Certificate of Occupancy, rendering the dwelling fit for living.

So, those are the construction phases you can expect from a professional home-building effort. There are many other details we didn’t cover, but this can serve as a bird’s-eye glance at how it works.
You can rely on top-notch building services when you choose Nutter Custom Construction for any construction or remodeling services. There are several ways we can build the house of dreams in Sarasota, FL. Contact us anytime to learn more at 941-924-1868.

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