Picking the Right Light Fixtures for Your Sarasota Home

Whether you’re renovating your current home or building a new home to live in, there is a lot to think about during the renovation process. There’s flooring, paint, appliances, cabinets, and, of course, lighting. However, lighting is actually one of the most overlooked parts of the renovation process. We spend so much time focusing on stainless steel appliances and hardwood flooring that we forget how important illuminating our space can be. There are two main reasons as to why lighting is so important, so continue reading to learn more.

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Lighting is functional. Every home needs lighting in order for it to be livable. A properly lit space can allow for comfortable living at any time of the day. When designing a home, think about installing lighting in areas that do not have a lot of natural light during the day, and spaces that will require artificial lighting at night. Remember to place lighting in hallways and closets and near cabinets and drawers to allow for easy sight at all hours.

The second reason lighting is so important is because it adds design to a space. Think about installing light fixtures that are unique to your personal style. There are many fixtures to choose from during the remodeling process. You can opt for minimalistic lights or over the top chandeliers to make your space feel all your own. You can also focus on a more industrial design or a more modern design depending on your space. Think about where you want ceiling lighting versus where you want lamps in your home, and consider adjustable lighting that can dim or brighten to meet your desires.

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