Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger

Small kitchens can feel cramped and uncomfortable, but they don’t have to. If you have a small kitchen, you don’t need to tear it apart to make it feel larger. Here are some small kitchen remodel ideas to make your space feel larger:

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The way you paint your kitchen can make a huge difference in the way it looks. To make your kitchen look larger and more dramatic, consider some painting strategies. If you have dark cabinets, repaint these cabinets in a lighter color to create the illusion of height. A white ceiling is always a great way to make a space feel larger. Opt for glossy finishes, instead of matte, as glossy finishes allow the light to bounce throughout the room. Finally, consider a pop of color behind your shelving or on an accent wall to create a dynamic feel in your kitchen.

Cabinet doors can actually make your kitchen feel smaller and more compact. To help your kitchen feel more open, switch out your cabinets for shelving. If you want to keep the doors on your cabinets, pick doors made with glass, rather than wood.

Lighting is another way to make your kitchen feel more spacious and open. If your kitchen is dark, or has dark areas, accent lights can brighten up the space and help it feel bigger. Consider accent lighting under cabinets or near shelving for a more illuminated and spacious appearance.

Make the most of the storage you do have in your kitchen. Doing so can help free up counter space, which can help your kitchen feel larger and easier to maneuver. A corner cabinet with a lazy susan increases storage space, while cabinets that sit behind your counter can be used for toasters, mixers, and other small appliances that would otherwise take up space on the counter.

Enhance your kitchen with any of these tips. For assistance making your kitchen feel larger and more spacious, get in touch with Nutter Custom Construction. We can help you make your dream home a reality, so give us a call at (941) 924-1868 or visit us at 3534 S Osprey Avenue in Sarasota today!

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