Smart Lighting Control Systems Will Make Your Life Easier

Smart homes are getting more popular in new construction and renovations, with owners wanting systems they can control through smart panels or smartphone apps. One area that might be forgotten is smart lighting. Simple smart outlets or switches can be controlled by an Amazon Echo or Google Voice device, but more homes today are being built with smart systems controlling a wide range of lighting options.

Here are some ways a smart lighting control system can benefit you:

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  • Set lighting to come on at dusk or dawn, with automatic changes in time to match the seasons
  • Set custom light settings for TV, movies, dinner, or parties without having to spend time changing them each day
  • Use random light settings when away to make the home appear occupied
  • Lights connected to motion sensors to turn them on or off as you move through the house, or turn lights on as you arrive home
  • Powered shades on windows that can open and close to let in the sun or block it, then close at the end of the day for privacy

All areas of the home can be positively impacted by smart lighting:

  • Turn on bedroom lights in the morning while you remain in bed
  • Use shade controls to open shades rather than using an alarm in the morning
  • Turn on inside and outside lights from your car
  • Connect lighting to your security system to turn on lights when an alarm goes off or motion is sensed outside at night
  • Connect lighting controls to your home thermostat to set the temperature for when you are home or away
  • Add ceiling fan controls for comfort while allowing air conditioning or heat to be set for best economy

There are numerous ways smart lighting control systems can enhance your home and make life easier for you. If you are interested in incorporating smart lighting into your home, contact Nutter Custom Construction and let us know which smart controls interest you. You can reach us at 941-924-1868.

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