Telltale Signs Your Home Needs a Remodel

Sometimes reality hits you and you realize that you’ve been pushing off remodeling or refurbishing your house. There are a lot of reasons why you may want to do this. Nutter Custom Construction wants you to be aware of these five telltale signs that your home is in need of a remodel:

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You Need More Space

Were you recently blessed with a new addition to your family? Well, it may be the case that your house is not ready for a new baby if you have all your rooms totally occupied. This could be the same scenario if you wanted to invite an elderly relative to live with you. You might even want to convert a bedroom into a study or library after your adult children left the home.

You Want A Change

Many folks do not want to leave a home they love but desire a change in the general ambiance or style. Remodeling could be something you do simply to break up the monotony.

Clear Signs Of Wear & Tear

Notice the paint chipping in places? How about scratches and stains that you know didn’t used to be there? All homes need repair work at some point or another.

Missing Functionality

This covers a whole gamut of concerns such as bedrooms, bathroom/shower deficiencies, and even things missing from your kitchen. It might also be the case that you want to host parties in your living/dining room, but it just isn’t designed to accommodate.

Small Problems Start To Arise

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to address a minor problem, like a leaky faucet in a kitchen, only to discover that they’d really like to replace the whole kitchen. Sometimes the minor issues spark the idea in your mind that you might be better off remodeling altogether.

Perhaps some of these telltale signs apply to you somehow. If so, Nutter Custom Construction would like to help you. We specialize in home-improvement renovations that include custom construction, remodeling, management/consulting, and concierge service. Also, with our LEED AP credentials, we can do all those tasks in an environmentally friendly manner.

To give you an idea of the kind of work we do here in West Florida, check out this example of these beautiful indoor and outdoor renovations at Melaleuca.

If you’re interested in remodeling, you can get started by contacting us here. You can also get in touch with us by phone at 941-924-1868. We’re available during normal work hours, Monday through Friday. We look forward to remodeling your home soon.

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