The Advantages of Open Concept Homes

Open concept homes, where two or more rooms are combined into a living single space, have become wildly popular as of late. Some common examples include a kitchen/dining room, living room/dining room, and even a kitchen/dining room/living room. 

Here are some of the key advantages this type of layout offers.

Open Concept Home

More Spacious 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an open concept home is that it creates a larger, more open space. Having partitions like the ones commonly found in more traditional homes can make living areas feel more constricted and divided. And this can be especially problematic when you’re dealing with minimal square footage. 

An open concept, however, allows you to blend multiple spaces into one, which helps you get the absolute most from your square footage, making small areas feel much larger than they really are. This can be a true game changer when space is at a premium. 

Better Lighting

Lots of walls can create issues with natural lighting. After all, each room has to have at least one window in order to allow natural light to shine through. Otherwise, it’s going to have a dark, dingy feel. 

But with an open concept home, you can take full advantage of natural lighting and don’t need a window in each individual space. With the right layout, you can easily bring ample natural light from one area to another, helping illuminate the entire area. 

More Layout Options

And when it comes to customizability, you have far more options with open concept homes than those with more conventional floor plans. You can, for example, combine a kitchen and dining room to create a large space for entertaining. Or, you could take the exact same setup to create a family room, or even tack on a home office if you’d like. 

The possibilities are nearly endless, and you can always make adjustments as your needs change over time. 

Keeps Families Closer Together

And if you’re looking to create more connectedness where your family can easily interact and engage with one another, an open concept is definitely the way to go. Rather than being sealed off in different rooms, everyone can communicate in a larger shared space. 

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