The Best Home Projects for Every Month of 2019

If your New Year’s resolution is to remodel your home, tackle each project one at a time. Pacing yourself allows you to focus your energy on each project, making sure everything goes perfectly. Plus, different months of the year are more ideal for certain projects than others. To learn about the best home projects for every month in 2019, just continue reading.

Start off 2019 on the right note by adding insulation to your home in January. January is the perfect time to install insulation because you can tell what areas of your home are drafty, and which are not.

In February, clean the dryer vent. A dryer vent packed with lint can cause a fire. Since it’s cold outside in February, use this time to tackle indoor projects.

When the weather warms up a bit, clean your gutters. March is the best time to clean your gutters because the snow is melting, the temperature is rising, and you can clean your gutters before any additional leaves or debris collect.

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As April rolls around, it’s time to prepare for pests. The summer brings bugs, so use April as a time to fill cracks in your siding, examine your roof, replace broken shingles, and seal any openings where critters could come in.

After the April showers, enjoy the May flowers while power washing your siding. After the brisk winter and the windy spring, your siding will likely be able to use a power wash to look clean and fresh.

The front door of your home is the heart of the exterior. Refresh your front door in June by giving it a fresh coat of paint. You can even add a subtle upgrade to your home by changing the color of your front door or adding a glossy top coat.

A cracked or chipped driveway isn’t just unsightly, it’s also a little dangerous. Repave the driveway in July to avoid puncturing your tires and to keep the exterior of your home looking fresh.

As fall approaches, use this time to clean and polish your floors. The weather is cooling down outside, so prepare for more time spent indoors by polishing up, vacuuming, and steam cleaning your floors.

If you have any landscaping, September is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the fall and winter. Trim weeds, prune your perennials, and consider planting some fall vegetables to take advantage of harvest season.

In October, vacuum your radiators, baseboard heaters, or heating grates. You’ll turn these heating systems on soon, so you want to clear them of any dust or dirt.

Now that it’s a bit cooler outside, you can focus your attention on indoor activities. Update your bathroom fixtures in November for an updated feel.

Finally, repair your steps and railings in December. If you have guests visiting you for the holiday season, you want them to be safe when climbing up and down the stairs both inside and outside.

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