Three Essential Items for Your Master Bathroom 

Well, here we are. We’re almost halfway through 2023, and there might be a few New Year’s resolutions that you haven’t gotten around to fulfilling yet. Among these is that remodeling project that you’ve been meaning to undertake. While you might be unsure of where a good place to begin, we’ve got a suggestion that you’ll have difficulty passing up–your master bathroom. It’s an easy project to undertake, and we’ve even got some suggestions for where you should start. 

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Walk-In Shower 

As an essential part of your daily routine, a walk-in shower can provide an enjoyable experience and provide you with many different options for customization. You can carefully select which fixtures will accentuate the aesthetic you want and find the right type of tile to really illuminate the space. And because a walk-in shower doesn’t have an adjoining tub, the area is much easier to clean and upkeep. 

Vanity Desk 

You and your partner most likely have an array of items you use during your daily hygiene routine, some of which you don’t share with one another. A vanity desk is the perfect way to store them and keep the bathroom organized. There are a variety of different designs that can be utilized, and with the right wood trim and lighting, you can instantly transform your bathroom into a decadent dressing room with all the trappings. Consider consulting with an interior decorator to help you choose the right design that you and your partner will love. 

Additional Storage Drawers & Closet Space 

While a vanity desk is a great way to store smaller-sized items and the various implements you rely upon for your daily hygiene, the space is often limited. If you and your partner have amassed a sizable wardrobe complete with linens and guest towels, consider additional storage space or a walk-in closet. This will maximize the rest of the space in your bathroom, and there’s a wide variety of wood panels and ambient lighting that can make these spaces shine and shimmer with your unique personal touch. 

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