Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Home in Sarasota

Eco-friendly homes are homes that pose no threat to your environment. Do you think that you have an eco-friendly home? Yes? Here are some tips from us to get you a more eco-friendly home. No? Ditto.


Bulbs play a role in not just beautifying each and every room in your home but they help in energy-saving as well as eco-friendliness. One sure-fire way to achieve beauty, energy-saving, and eco-friendliness (especially this) the same time is by replacing those incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Not only will you achieve the aforementioned, LED bulbs are easier on the eyes.


Reuse Objects

Done eating the chips from the Pringles cylindrical container? Reuse it for storing cubes or crests. Done with the takeaway bowl? Wash it, dry it and keep it for taking food to the office. There are tons of YouTube videos to learn how to reuse your already used objects or materials; this way, you get more value from a single source. This is really the gospel of upcycling and recycling.

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is another gospel for eco-friendliness. You need less than you think you need and have at home. Cut some things loose, give others away and throw the others out. You need space – and no pun intended – you really do.

The advantage of this goes beyond the shores of minimalism into the deep waters of great sanity, fresher air and a great place for thought processes and relaxation. So, declutter today. You do not need to do everything in one sitting, take it a day at a time and in less than a month, you would be closer to a more eco-friendly home than when you started out today.

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