Tips for Choosing the Right Paint for Your New Home

Selecting the best paint colors for your home isn’t rocket science, but some thought should go into it. Certain colors dictate the ambiance, especially on the inside of the home. A homeowner who’s savvy at renovating and remodeling will take into consideration the room’s purpose, the lighting (natural and manmade), and other details.

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What are the key factors that should influence paint color selection in your home? Check out these tips for choosing the best paint colors for your next home improvement project.

Light & Paint Colors

First, when you’re building a home, it’s vital to know what kind of external light you want entering certain areas, which usually enters through windows or glass doors. Otherwise, you have to configure manmade light to accommodate the lack of natural light.

Then you can match the paint color to fit the room’s lighting. For example, a kitchen, which is typically well light with functional and task lights, normally involves white and lighter paints. Don’t forget that this should also conform to the interior components like cabinets, countertops, and so forth.

What about dark rooms?

These are the ones that usually feel cozier and smaller, such as a den or study. You’ll have neither bright lights nor bright colors in those areas. Darker colors, like forest green, brown, or maroon work well in places where you’d relax in the evening with only a fireplace for light.

Know What the Various Colors Signify

Besides what we’ve already mentioned, what do the various wall paint colors signify?

  • Earthy Colors
    • The earthier colors are brown, green, and maybe orange. These help engender a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Watery Colors
    • This includes blue but also black in some circumstances. Blue is the best option for a tranquil area like bathrooms and sometimes dining rooms around Florida.
  • Dynamic/Passionate Colors
    • Red is the best color to symbolize love, passion, and boldness. You could also include other colors like pink and yellow in the mix. Yellow is the obvious choice for brightening a room. Then you can even mix in purple to give your master bedroom a regal appearance.

Obviously, this is just a quick glance at a few popular colors. There are MANY more colors, shades, and hues to consider.

What About Paint Sheen?

The three most popular paint sheens are high-gloss, semi-gloss, and eggshell paint.

The high-gloss option works best for trims and moldings, and cleans easily, but can expose scratches and other damages. The semi-gloss paint is less shiny, somewhat easy to clean, and a good choice for bathrooms and areas with higher humidity. Then, the eggshell paint is pretty easy to clean and does well to hide imperfections.

Those are a few factors to remember when you approach painting a new or existing home. You can learn much more when you partner with the pros at Nutter Custom Construction. We’re Sarasota’s best contractor for custom building, concierge services, consulting, and more.

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