Tips To Design The Perfect Kitchen

Arguably a kitchen is the heart of a home and is often the room used the most for many people. Let’s face it, having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen will inspire you to cook, entertain, and eat many a fine dining home-cooked meal. If your kitchen isn’t enjoyable, everyday tasks can become a chore. 

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Fortunately, you can follow a few tried and tested tips to design the perfect kitchen. Whether you’re planning to design your kitchen on your own or use a reputable company like Nutter Custom Construction, the tips we discuss will help you create a kitchen you will love. 

What Are The Five Tips You Need To Know About Designing The Perfect Kitchen?

Below we have briefly detailed the tips you need to know about designing the perfect kitchen for your home. 

  1. Examine The Current Kitchen Space You Have First

When you begin designing the perfect kitchen, you need to start by evaluating the current space you have and the various elements of it. 

You need to note where windows and doors are placed, how big your kitchen is, and any unique design elements. Once you have evaluated these elements, you will better understand how the kitchen should be arranged and can start looking at different kitchen layouts.  

  1. Consider How You Use Your Kitchen

When you’re deciding which layout you want (popularly, there is an L-shape, a galley, and a U-shape), you need to consider how you use your kitchen. It doesn’t help to choose a layout for your perfect kitchen design that doesn’t suit how you function within your kitchen on a day-to-day basis. 

  1. Determine How You Want Certain Kitchen Items Grouped

Another important design element you need to consider when designing your perfect kitchen is grouping certain kitchen items. For decades it has been common to group a fridge, stove, and sink in a classic triangle shape. These kitchen items have been grouped like this because this has proved to be the most efficient way to maneuver around a kitchen. Yet, you don’t need to group your items in this manner and can choose item groupings that make sense to you. 

Below we have explained a few other kitchen groupings you can consider when designing your perfect kitchen. 

  • You can group the sink, prep counter, and stove. This will allow easy access to these areas when cooking or preparing food. 
  • You can group the refrigerator and pantry. Grouping these items will give you easy access to your groceries. 
  1. Consider The Lighting

Perhaps not a single individual wants to cook up a storm in a kitchen with poor lighting. It might seem like a minor design aspect, but you need to carefully select the lighting you think will make your kitchen an enjoyable space. 

An easy way to make sure your kitchen always has superb lighting is to design it so that it always gets the perfect balance of natural light. Additionally, when choosing artificial lighting, you should avoid recessed cans and instead opt for under cabinet strips, sconces, and surface mounts, as they will elevate the style of your kitchen. 

  1. Carefully Decide On The Materials

Perhaps the most important tip you should note on our list is that it’s best to carefully select materials. Often people will make the mistake of choosing kitchen countertops and cabinetry that they don’t know how to appropriately care for. For example, if you don’t want to varnish and seal wooden countertops every few years, it’s best to avoid wood materials. 

When selecting the materials you will have in your kitchen, think about if you’re okay with having countertops or cabinetry that show wear. For example, if you hate to see even a small scratch or chip in your kitchen, you should avoid marble countertops and fixtures. 

Hopefully, you have found our tips on designing the perfect kitchen interesting and useful. As long as you follow the tips we have provided, you should have a relatively easy time designing your new kitchen. 
However, if you would like professional help, you might want to consider speaking with a qualified kitchen designer from Nutter Custom Construction. Our company has the experience and skills needed to help you design the kitchen you have always dreamed of owning. You can contact us at (941) 924-1868 and have a look at our portfolio online.

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