Transform Your Bathroom into Your Personal Spa

Who says your bathroom can’t be your own personal spa? Your bathroom can easily go from one of your least favorite rooms in your home to one of your favorites. Transform your bathroom into your personal spa space!

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be big in order for it to feel like a spa. One easy way to make your bathroom feel more soothing and relaxing is by changing the color of your room. Muted color schemes are best for that spa-like feel. White paint and faux wood finishes can also help your bathroom feel bigger.

Avoid clutter in your transformed bathroom. To do so, add storage spaces throughout the room. A medicine cabinet or an under-the-sink cabinet are easy ways to save space and increase storage. If you have the room, consider adding a closet for storing extra toilet paper rolls, towels, cleaning supplies, beauty and hygiene products, and so on.

Maybe you don’t have the money to rebuild your shower, but that doesn’t mean you can reinvent your shower with a new shower head. Sometimes a new shower head is all you need to turn your bathroom from an ordinary space to a spa-like oasis. 

Fluorescent lighting is far from relaxing. It also isn’t very flattering. If you have florescent lighting in your bathroom, it’s time to say good-bye. Replace your fluorescent lights with dimmer switch lights. Adjusting the light to match your mood can help you relax, whether you’re taking a bath or getting ready for bed.

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