Update Your Home for Summer

While you’re busy brainstorming your next major home remodeling project, why not do something small for your home this summer? There are several minor alterations that will enliven your indoor and outdoor environment.

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Nutter Custom Construction specializes in several large-scale home-improvement tasks, but it doesn’t hurt to mix in these mini-projects every so often.

Summer Remodeling Ideas

  1. Install Different Curtains
    • This one is quick, easy, and brings a fresh ambiance to one or all of your rooms. Lately, many homeowners are going for the Polynesian look with bamboo curtains. You’ll have no shortage of options, though.
  2. Do A Full Spring Cleaning
    • This one’s really important if you elect to do something major with your home. Cleaning is essential and there are a lot of things people miss. It’s vital to make sure all your AC vents and filters are clean, check your home for mold and algae, change bed linens, clean window sills, and a whole lot more.
  3. Add Green Items
    • Green items look great outdoors and indoors. Is your home interior suffering from air-quality problems? Adding a few cacti to your home could make a world of difference. Plus, the green decor is pretty trendy nowadays, and we admit it usually looks pretty good in most instances.
  4. Install Different Lights
    • You don’t need us to tell you about the plethora of home lighting options available now. You can walk into a department store and find a thousand options in two minutes. Generally, for the summer, you might consider shifting away from high-wattage white lights over to something more low-key. The extra sunlight does most of the lighting for you during those brighter months.
  5. Rearrange the Furniture
    • Are you more likely to eat outside in the summer? Then you may want to downsize your dining room and maybe purchase some new outdoor furniture to facilitate backyard parties. You can also think about minor fixtures like scented candles. Summer is a time for breezier, fruit scents, as opposed to the pumpkin or cinnamon, smells you use in fall/winter.

If you’re really feeling bold, get a nice new swimming pool for the summer. We hope you enjoy these handfuls of fun ideas for your home. Ideally, these would help get you ready for your next home-improvement adventure, whatever that may be.

Nutter Custom Construction provides Sarasota residents with top-notch remodeling, construction, and concierge services. If you’ve finished spring cleaning and are ready to move on to a big home renovation, don’t hesitate any longer. Give us a call for help at any time, at 941-924-1868.

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