What Home Improvements Give the Best Return on Investment?

There are a lot of reasons to remodel your home. You may want to upgrade your space to help it feel more modern, or you may want to make home improvements to accommodate the needs of your family. Yet another reason to remodel your home is to increase its resale value. These are the home improvements that give the best return on investment:

Kitchen Design from Nutter Custom Construction

They call the kitchen the heart of the home. An upgraded and modern kitchen can leave a positive taste in buyer’s mouths. This room is one of the most memorable in a buyer’s mind. The best kitchen upgrades for a good return on investment include adding new appliances, upgrading the faucets and sink, modernizing the cabinets, updating the flooring, and improving the countertops. While this may seem like a lot of expensive work, you can actually seek upgrades within your budget that can significantly improve the value of your home.

Up next, the bathroom. Typically, bathrooms don’t require additional furniture, so what a buyer sees when they are viewing a bathroom is what the bathroom will look like when they live in the space. Because of this, a buyer can be especially critical to the space. If you want to impress buyers and increase the value of your home, try simple alterations like lowering light switches or adding grip handles around the toilet and shower. These additions make the bathroom more accessible to all people.

Any room in your home can improve with a fresh coat of paint. Even the exterior of your home can benefit from a paint job. Consider an inexpensive, yet high-quality paint job to freshen up your space. Pick a neutral color so buyers can picture themselves living in the home. Shades of white help spaces feel brighter and more open.

Windows and doors are other upgrades that can be done to any room in the house. Brand new windows are a big selling point for buyers because new windows can help a space feel more modern, but they can also let in more light and improve the efficiency of a home.

These home improvements give the best return on investment, so spend your money wisely when you remodel your home this year. For help making these upgrades to your space, get in touch with Nutter Custom Construction. Call us at 941-924-1868 for a consultation today!

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