What Is A Home Contractor?

There are many exciting home projects that you can tackle on your own as a DIY endeavor. Yet, when it comes time to remodel your kitchen or upgrade your bathroom, you might find the task too difficult to complete on your own. If this happens, you might wonder who you should call. Well, the answer is you need to hire a professional home contractor.

A home contractor reading custom home blueprints

Interestingly, a home contractor is also known as a general contractor or a home builder. Yet knowing who to call doesn’t mean you know what a home contractor does, and that’s why we are going to explain a home contractor’s role.

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What Exactly Is A Home Contractor?

Essentially a home contractor is a person who is in charge of the construction of a house or the remodeling of a home. Usually, a home contractor is in charge of hiring all subcontractors and is also the person in charge of overseeing the various details of a construction site. 

Most home contractors start their careers as a carpenter, which is why they know how to build a house from the foundation up. They are also very familiar with all aspects of home building and remodelings like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. 

A home contractor is also responsible for communicating with subcontractors and with making sure all schedules are followed. Ultimately all subcontractors have to answer to a home contractor. However, a homeowner only confers with a home contractor and not with subcontractors. 

What Does A Home Contractor Do Specifically?

Below we have provided some information regarding what a home contractor will do if hired to build or remodel your home. 

Meets With Clients

It is a home contractor’s responsibility to schedule a meeting with you once you express an interest in their services; it is also their responsibility to meet with clients to discuss the blueprints of your new home.

Additionally, a home contractor is also the person in charge of inspecting the remodeling project you want to begin. Yet, you need to remember it is during the initial meeting that you need to discuss your budget. 

Participates In Budget Negotiations

A home contractor needs to speak with you about your budget and enter into negotiations. After you have told the contractor your budget, it is their responsibility to state if they can complete the project you want to be done with the budget you have. 

At this stage, you will negotiate with them if you feel they are being unreasonable or if you want to learn if they can save costs somewhere else. 

Provides Estimates

If you’re working with an experienced home contractor, they should be able to provide you with an accurate price estimate concerning your home building requirements or home improvement project. 

They can start this process by providing you with a starting point figure so that you can establish if you should or shouldn’t undertake the project. Yet, you also need to remember that some home contractors base their price estimates based on a square foot price point. Usually, a home contractor will follow up an estimate they provide with a formal bid offer. 

Hire the professionals at Nutter Custom Construction

Remodeling or building a home can be an incredibly exciting yet stressful situation. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional home contractor that you can trust to get the job done efficiently. You don’t want to hire a construction company that is going to produce shoddy workmanship. 

Hiring a company like Nutter Custom Construction for all your custom housing building and remodeling needs will ensure your house project is completed to your satisfaction. You can contact us by calling (941) 924-1868. We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Casey Key, Venice, and Lakewood Ranch.

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