What Makes The Perfect Bathroom?

When it comes to home design, the room that can be the most tricky is the bathroom. Since plumbing plays a crucial role in the design of this room it becomes a bit of a challenge. You’ll want a beautiful space that fits your style, functions properly, and is spacious enough for all your needs. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect bathroom for your home. 

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Personal Needs

Everyone in your home will have their own needs when it comes to the bathroom. It’s important to keep whoever is living in the home in mind when planning your design. For example, a bathroom that’s only used by adults will have a different layout than a guest bathroom. If you have a master bathroom this space may also need to be equipped to do laundry. Other things to think about if you have a larger family are tub size and how many people you’ll need to accommodate. 


A perfect bathroom will need plenty of storage for toiletries and other items. Before designing your space you should think about what you’ll need to store in your bathroom and where you’ll want these items to be placed for easy access. Even if you have a small bathroom a proper layout can make the extra room you’ll need for storage. You can make the most of your space by planning for fixtures like a toilet surround, over-the-door shelves, or a smaller medicine cabinet. 

Fixture Decisions 

The most important fixtures in your bathroom that need to function properly are the toilet and shower. Figuring out where these will be in your layout is key to your overall design. You’ll also need to decide whether you want a bath and a shower, a wall-mounted toilet, or a floor toilet. Depending on your decision, plumbing may become a little more difficult. Even though floor-mounted toilets take up more space they do keep things simple. If you have a smaller space a popular choice of design is the ‘small’ full-sized bathroom. You’ll be able to have a tub/shower combo along with adequate storage space. 

Bathroom Zones 

Did you know that every bathroom should have two zones? These zones are used to create wet and dry areas. Wet zones are the spaces where you’ll be using water and the dry zones will be areas that avoid water. Once you figure this out, designing your layout will become a lot easier. It will also determine what size fixtures you’ll be able to use and will give you a better idea of your plumbing needs. These areas should be separated the best you can to avoid slips or any injuries. 

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