What to Do with a Big Blank Wall

If you recently moved into a new home, you’re probably in the process of decorating. As you move in your furniture and personal belongings, you may be taunted by a big blank wall. These walls feel void, vast, and boring. To learn what to do with a big blank wall, continue reading this blog post!

Blank Wall Idea for Sarasota Home

If hanging more than one thing sounds like a hassle to you, opt for one statement piece. Think about statement art that is large in size and interesting to look at. Find art that matches your decor or is personal to you for a signature touch. Individuals can also purchase a statement mirror to hang on the wall to make their space area larger, brighter, and more welcoming.

For those who would like to hang more than one thing on their wall, consider family photos. Nothing warms a space up more than photographs of loved ones. Print out your favorite smartphone photos of family, or use professional portraits to make a big blank wall appear cozier.

If you collect art, plates, flowers, and so on, hang these items on the big blank wall to show off your collection and cover the vacant space. Whether you enjoy antique plates or your friend’s art, put your collection on display.

A traditional gallery wall is an interesting way to add texture and unique style elements to a big blank wall. Hang framed photos, paper mache, picture ledges, shelves, canvases, and more to a traditional gallery wall to take up space and add conversation pieces to your home.

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