What Type of Kitchen Countertop Should You Choose?

When designing or remodeling your kitchen with Nutter Custom Construction, one major decision is which countertops to choose. There are many choices out there so it can seem a bit daunting. Let’s try to simplify the task a bit.


Granite was once considered only a choice for the most expensive kitchens, but cost and availability have improved to where it can be considered by many homeowners. The advantages of granite are its unique appearance and the fact that every kitchen will be one-of-a-kind due to granite’s natural patterns. When matching edges the grain patterns can vary a bit, so despite our best efforts, you might see slight differences whenever a seam occurs. Keep in mind that granite needs regular treatment with a conditioner to keep it in top condition. It’s all part of the beauty of a gorgeous granite kitchen.

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Quartz and Quartzite

Quartzite is a sandstone product with color veins and natural variations similar to granite. Quartz is a man-made product with a more consistent color and grain pattern. Current quartz manufacturers have improved their products so quartz countertops look more like natural stone.


Epoxy is well known for coating garage and basement floors, but it is seeing increased use as a kitchen countertop material. If you are interested in epoxy, let us know at Nutter Construction and we can discuss its use with you.


Laminates have been around for many years (think “Formica”) but the quality has improved a lot over time. Laminated countertops use a synthetic covering typically over a particle board substrate. They are fairly easy to maintain but can be damaged by sharp knives so you should use a cutting board when preparing foods rather than cutting directly on the countertop. Laminates are typically the lowest cost option of all the choices above.

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